Pursuant to the terms hereof, the Shower Solutions by TILES AND MORE Ltd. shower base is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 25 years against manufacturing defects for the original installation. This warranty does not exclude statutory warranties or guarantees expressed or implied by law. The liability of the manufacturer is limited to the replacement of defective product for an equivalent product, provided the product is declared defective by the manufacturer. Shower Solutions by TILES AND MORE Ltd. will not be liable for any damages or losses beyond the supply of equivalent replacement products, as originally supplied. Under no circumstances will the manufacturer be liable for consequential or incidental damages related to the use of this product.This express warranty does not apply, and no liability shall fall on Shower Solutions by TILES AND MORE Ltd. for defective work, resultant-damage to the product or resultant damage to any adjoining structure caused by third parties during, or upon completion and eventual use, of the original installation. All due, on-site care, prior to, and during installation of tiles is required by Customer. No damages, caused by water leakage behind or under the shower base and other waterproofed areas (i.e. swollen particle boards therefore cracked grout lines or tiles) will be covered.