Entry-level shower

Step 1. Install Leak Control Flange at the right location flush with floor.
Step 2. Fix down the 10mm Slim-Board shower base with polyurethane glue and big-head nails.

Step 3. Fix down the other10mm flooring boards with polyurethane glue and big-head nails.
Step 4. Sealing off all joints and corners with sealing tape and waterproofing membrane.

Step 5. Waterproof the shower area.
Step 6. Tile the walls.

Step 7. Tile the floor surrounding the shower base.
Step 8. Finally get the shower base tiled.

Step 9. Sealing off all open gaps/joints in the corners and around waste grate with sanitary silicone.

Tiled shower - same level as floor without cutting into the floor or even floor joists!

Click here to download a pdf version of this example