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Construction and Wall & Flooring Boards

Construction and Wall & Flooring Boards

The leaky home crisis has illustrated that a watertight finish requires water resistant materials protected by a certified waterproofing system. When the waterproof system failed the non-water resistant products, generally untreated timber, became highly compromised resulting in significant structural problems and associated costs for homeowners around New Zealand.

We know that the building material is as important as the waterproof system and Aquarite is the perfect choice because it is water resistant! The EPS core will not rot, swell, twist or bend. So even if one part of the whole system fails the main structure will not be compromised.

It is this quality that has lead to the development of Aquarite Buildrite board. 

Buildrite board is used in construction of curved shower walls, bath tub cradles, wall linings and flooring.

Buildrite offers excellent sound proofing and insulation and compliments all major underfloor heating systems.


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